Building Community Wealth

Worker Centers have a direct impact on Community Wealth.  They advocate for better job opportunities and better working conditions for the individuals they serve. This, in turn, translates into economic development because as workers secure more stbetterpayingpaying jobs, they have more money to spend. Increased spending leads to an improved local economy.

photo courtesy of the National Black Worker Center Project

Unemployment, underemployment, and unfair working conditions are problems in Baltimore. People either cannot find jobs, or their jobs/wages don’t allow them to pay all their bills, or their employers take advantage of them. Many workers are not or cannot be represented by labor unions that will advocate for their rights and help them find steady work.

Worker Centers address this need by advocating for workers not represented by unions. They assist with job placement and help workers address grievances related to working conditions.

Examples of Worker Centers in Baltimore include:


CASA de Maryland


The Baltimore Black Workers Center part of the National Black Workers Center Project


United Workers